New Discovery in the Bay Seabed


Published on 23 June 2020

Today 23 June 2020 a new recovery of archaeological remains in the magical waters of the Gulf of Pozzuoli.
A table support (trapezoforo) in marble decorated with a feline head has now been recovered from the depths of the Submerged Park of Baia.
The discovery took place during the research activities that the Park is carrying out for the organization of new visits. We thank the Harbor Office - Locamare di Baia for the support and safety at sea, as well as Naumacos Underwater Archeology and Technology for organizing the recovery.
The find was transported to the laboratories of the Castello di Baia for the first conservative interventions. It will be made visible to the public as soon as possible!
Source: Management Body of the Archaeological Park of the Phlegraean Fields